Just published!

24 August 23
Our new book "Organization as time" is out!

The bulk of Management and Organization Studies deals with time as organization. Time is performed, organized, enacted, and as such is a locus of power. In this edited book, we stress the importance of organization as time. Time is an organizing force. The happening and becoming of collective activity, its technologies, its images, keep empowering, dominating or (more rarely) emancipating the fragile and ephemeral subjectivities of our world. The turn to digitality in all aspects of contemporary life has made the organizing power of time more pervasive than ever. How to describe organization as time? How to explore the relationship between becoming, duration, images, events, non-events or historicity and their relationships with power and emancipation? These are the rich and varied challenges seized by this book by a team of leading scholars interested in time and temporality in the context of management and organization.

More information about the book here: www.amazon.fr/Organization-Time-Technology-Power-Politics/dp/1009297252